Distributed Data Management for Moving Objects

R. Xie and R. Shibasaki (Japan)


Moving Objects, Distributed Data Management, Hierarchical Location Schema (HLS), Mobile Agent Computing, Distributed Query Processing, Distributed Simulation


Managing the location of moving objects is becoming important as applications on mobility, such as vehicles navigation in transportation, pedestrian movement in urban space etc., becomes increasingly widespread. The paper focuses on the solution to the problem of storing, updating and querying the location of distributed moving objects. Hierarchical Location Schema (HLS) is proposed to manage historical and current positions of moving objects in distributed data management in the paper. On the basis of HLS, mobile agent computing paradigm is further introduced for real-time update, load balancing and robust against network troubles. Also, to support the schema, some algorithms of the basic operations of lookup, update, naming and addressing, collaboration are implemented and presented in the paper. To study the performance of this schema and algorithms, we developed a simulation of distributed query processing as example.

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