Distributed Video Editing for Array of Projectors

H. Takeda, T. Moriya, K. Utsugi, Y. Sato, Y. Yamasaki, and T. Minakawa (Japan)


Video Editing, Multi-projector, Distributed processing, Virtual reality


We introduce a problem of digital video editing on a distributed computing environment for a video display system consisting of an array of projectors and a curved screen. Given (1) the equation of the screen surface, (2) the configuration of the projectors, (3) a viewpoint, (4) camera parameters of very high-resolution images (the distribuion of pixel density of an image), and (5) visual effects to be added to the images, the image portion to be projected from each projector is uniquely determined with a transformation function which maps the original image to the partial images. Our problem is to divide the original image in time and/or space, to send the divided images to distributed processing elements, to add visual effects, and to deal them out to the projectors. In this paper, we define the problem and present a strategy that minimizes the toal time of the above editing process. A practical non-linear video editing system implementing and approximating this strategy is overviewed.

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