Water Resources Modelling and Simulation Software: An Integrated Approach

F. El Dabaghi (France), D. Ouazar (Morocco), and N. Souissi (France)


Integrated Information System, Software Architecture, Modelling and Simulation, Data Warehouse, water resources.


This paper presents the software architecture of an Integrated Information System (IIS) WADI dedicated to water resources modelling and management. WADI is aimed to support spatial planners and decision makers by providing an efficient set of tools and techniques which will facilitate the preparation and the setting-up of planning and/or emergency measures directly related to water as a resource and possible natural hazard. The IIS architecture is based on integration principles in terms of software components coupled to heterogeneous data sources. Indeed, WADI consists in two levels [5] [6] [7] : the first one contains general modules such as viewers, GIS, grid generators, data warehouse, simulators, etc and the other one is domain specific and includes all the relevant modules tackling numerical modelling for the water related physical application under study, i.e. hydrology, hydraulics, hydrodynamics floods, eutrophication,.... All the components, are built through Java intelligent interfaces [1] [2] [3] within an appropriate user-friendly framework. For the sake of illustration, an application dealing with lake eutrophication prevention using aeration process is chosen and presented in this paper.

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