XML Schema for Software Process Framework

T. Torabi, T. Dillon, and W. Rahayu (Australia)


Software Process, Customisation, XML, Process Deployment.


Software Process modelling has received a great deal of attention in recent years. Development of a software process model that is flexible, customisable, and can easily be interfaced and integrated with tools and application within the development environment is highly desirable by process engineers. This paper presents a XML model for Software Process Framework. This framework integrates three different XML models; namely the Organisational Model with Dynamic Model of Activities and Static Model for Resources required for specification of a Software Process Framework. Using the XML representation, the framework is designed to provide the deployment of the desired process by addressing software process improvement and software quality metrics for quality control. The model is intended to cater for issues such as customisation, deployment, and monitoring of software process in a distributed development environment.

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