A Comparison of Two Different Java Technologies to Implement a Mobile Agent System

A. I. Wang and C.-F.Sørensen (Norway)


: Mobile agents, Evaluation, Aglets, JavaSpaces


This paper describes an evaluation of the two technologies Aglets from IBM Japan and JavaSpaces from Sun Microsystems used to implement the same mobile agent system. The Aglets framework was initially designed to support mobile agents, while the JavaSpaces framework was not. In this evaluation we have looked at issues like adaptability, configurability, extensibility, location transparency, and abstraction level. We have also measured the effort that was used (in hours) and the lines of code necessary to implement the same mobile agent system using the two different technologies. We found that there are several advantages by using JavaSpaces instead of Aglets for implementing mobile agent systems even if it was not intention ally designed to support this. Our evaluation does not look at the difference in performance of the two technologies.

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