Realizing Web Designs With the COBANA Framework

R. Gitzel, A. Korthaus, and N. Mazlouni (Germany)


J2EE, Web Application Framework, Web Design, Hypertext Navigation, XML, XSLT1


Recently, many web application frameworks have been developed to simplify the creation of new web sites. However, in the light of well-established web design methodologies such as RMM or OOHDM, these methodologies often fail to close the gap between design and implementation. In this paper, we analyze the elements of several design methodologies in order to classify and group them. We then introduce our Context-Based Navigation web design framework (COBANA) and show how its different parts reify the various concepts of the design methodologies, therefore allowing a 1-to-1 translation from design to implemen tation. Finally, we compare our framework with related work.

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