An Investigation on Requirements Elicitation Issues in Computer-supported Collaborative Learning - Malaysian Experience

M.K. Zarinah and S.S. Siti (Malaysia)


Requirements Elicitation; CSCL; draftstatement of user requirements; group RElicit


The development of courseware including computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL) application is usually based on document specification called user requirements document (URD). The document would easily be defined if draft statement of user requirements from requirements elicitation (RElicit) stage were completely defined. Although there are many studies for supporting these RElicit techniques, such as scenario, viewpoint and domain model, the studies do not highlight its suitability for CSCL domain and also the definition of this draft. In addition, in selecting these techniques, not many studies emphasized the importance to look into the RElicit problems faced by CSCL developers. An investigation of RElicit techniques used by CSCL developers in Malaysia is carried out considering that RElicit technique chosen is very much related to RElicit problems that they are facing the most. This paper presents the findings.

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