Software Quality Issues in Extreme Programming

S. V. Nagarajan, O. Garcia, and P. Croll (Australia)


Extreme Programming, Software Qualityand Agile Software Development


The aim of this paper is to highlight some of the quality issues in the agile software development practices like Extreme Programming. The areas covered include a comprehensive re-visit to the extreme programming (XP) practices and the experiences reported so far. Like any other software development method XP projects face quality issues arising from the four main perspectives - Product, Process, User and Holistic. All the XP practices are related to the quality criteria or elements and whether they have a positive or negative impact on a project is identified. There has been a tremendous effort in transformation from traditional methods to XP. This is also discussed and some suggestions made for a smoother transition. Finally, Quality Management (QM) activities that are a part of XP has also been identified. An attempt to emphasize the quality improvements achieves through XP practices has been made through the paper.

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