A Generic Approach for a CORBA-LDAP Gateway Implementation

W. Radinger, M. Jandl, A. Szep, and K.M. Goeschka (Austria)


EAI, Gateway, CORBA, XML


As enterprise applications in the telecommunication do main are inherently distributed they often provide large and complex middleware-based interfaces. Albeit only in or der to access a small subset of the enterprise application's services, third party applications have to integrate the nec essary middleware components and to be in possession of an in-depth knowledge of the interface denition. Our ap proach on the other hand describes a gateway which offers a simple standardized interface in form of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) to a Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) legacy application. LDAP requests are dynamically mapped to CORBA opera tion invocations by retrieving mapping information from an eXtensible Markup Language description and therefore re quire no change in the existing sourcecode. This provides an easy and transparent access to existing CORBA appli cations, even if these target applications are continuously changed.

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