Requirement Indicators for Mobile Work: The MOWAHS Approach

H. Ramampairo, A.I. Wang, C.-F. Sørensen, H.N. Le, and M. Nygård (Norway)


Requirement engineering, mobile requirements, mobile process system.


This paper describes eight requirement indicators derived from a mobile work characterisation framework (MWCF). The MWCF is a framework for analysing mobile scenarios (mobile tasks) in order to implement a system to support such scenarios. The requirement indicators are computed from the score of the MWCF. These are used to reveal the complexity of the different parts of a final mobile support system (software and hardware). Further, these indicators can be a help to prioritise the non-functional and func tional requirements of the end-system. We have identified the following indicators: General Task Indicator, Informa tion Complexity Indicator, Location Complexity Indicator, Time Complexity Indicator, Network Connectivity Indica tor, Network Speed Indicator, Energy Consumption Indica tor, Transactional Support Indicator and Mobility Indicator. In this paper, we apply these indicators on four different scenarios and discuss how they can be used in practice.

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