Syntax for Tables

T. Kirishima, T. Motohashi, T. Arita, K. Tsuchida, and T. Yaku (Japan)


Tables, table interface, syntax, graphs, graph grammars, software documents


Tables with heterogeneous cells are commonly used in computer-human interface and documentation. Such tables are commonly represented by graphs. However, existing graph representations are not efficient enough for the editing and drawing of tables. First, we review attribute graph representation methods for representing table, in which the table editing is executed efficiently. We propose a graph grammar that characterizes a class of attribute graphs that corresponds to arbitrary tables with heterogeneous size cells with geometric attributes. Accordingly, we provide the syntax of the tables with heterogeneous cells. Our grammar not only generates arbitrary a heterogeneous tessellation table but also provides another paradigm for table processing. Our graph grammar provides syntactic methods for table interface.

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