Establishing a Helath Community Knowledge Management System

C. Tatsiopoulos, D. Alexandrou, and G. Vardangalos (Greece)


Knowledge Management, health care, ontology, knowledge repository, intelligent agents


A fundamental aspect of knowledge management is knowledge capture and expertise created by knowledge experts who make it available to a larger community of colleagues. Technology can support these goals, and knowledge repositories have emerged as a key tool for supporting knowledge sharing. However, Internet today suffers from lack of knowledge, although it contains a huge amount of information, almost on every subject. The goal of the system we are going to present is to set up an intelligent collaborative work environment for the Management of Health Knowledge and Competence in the context of large health care systems. The first knowledge domain addressed by the system will be Cardiology. The IT platform proposed is designed in order to facilitate the transactions of knowledge and competence between health care experts and operators and to support the professionals in taking evidence-based decisions at the point of need. In an "Ambient Intelligence" vision, the proposed system will work on the development of meta-content services to improve information handling and knowledge management to support new forms of health organisations based upon learning environments and community memory.

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