Making Spatial Analysis with a Distributed GIS

M. Torres, M. Moreno, R. Menchaca, and S. Levachkine (Mexico)


GIS, XML, Heterogeneity, Distributed Environment,Spatial Database.


To improve the spatial recovery by means of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), a Distributed GIS Application has been designed. This application is focused on making spatial analysis, throughout Spatial Analyzer Module (SAM). SAM contains several spatial and mathematical models that have been designed and implemented for detecting landslides and flooding areas. Users can make an analysis to recover the spatial data from different sites using a specification based on Extensible Markup Language (XML). Spatial data are stored in a spatial database into the Enterprise GIS. All spatial processes are executed in the server application to improve the performance of the spatial analysis. The GIS application has been implemented into ArcMap module of ArcInfo system.

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