Computer-supported Collaborative Knowledge Construction using KC-Space: The Approach and Experimental Fingings

S.S. Salin and S.S. Abdul Rahman (Malaysia)


COKC process model, and KC-Space learningenvironments.KC-Space (Knowledge Construction Space)learning environment that integrates COKCprocess model.


experience of learning. One important part, and the keyword for the `knowledge construction' is the collaborative learning. Collaborative learning refers to an instructional method whereby students are encouraged to work together on problem-solving or learning tasks. Various researches on collaborative learning have indicated several positive effects: enhanced individual learning outcomes; and higher group performance especially with regard to knowledge construction [1]. In general, the aim of this paper is to address the question, "How to support the students working together in a group to achieve shared knowledge constructed?" This question can be rephrased more specifically as, "How the individual constructed knowledge, the social co constructed knowledge, the processes of collaborative knowledge construction, scaffolding provided by different form of collaborative tools can be used to facilitate knowledge construction in collaborative settings?" This paper describes and exemplifies a theoretically based approach to the design of collaborative knowledge construction learning environment called KC-Space. KC Space integrates an explicit process model called COKC to direct student learning through collaborative knowledge construction activities at the levels of Articulation, Comparison, Argumentation, Clarification, Negotiation, and Integration. Analysis of experimental data provides strong indication that KC-Space has been generally found as a viable tool for supporting collaborative knowledge construction. The COKC process model generally facilitates the process of constructing knowledge collaboratively through both individual and social context so as to achieve shared knowledge. Lessons learned through the design and evaluation of KC-Space provides new insights for guiding further development of KC-Space and future experimentation on collaborative knowledge construction in general. This paper responds the above questions with the following features: Six phases of process model to guide students through the collaborative knowledge construction process named COKC (Collaborative Knowledge Construction).

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