Comparison of Two Accelerations for Interactive Animation of Trees

R. Kondo, S. Miyajima, T. Ohide, and T. Kanai (Japan)


Animation, Motion Control and Kinematics, Tree, Pro grammable GPU, Vertex Program, Level-Of-Detail


Thanks to the researches about modeling of trees, realistic tree models with textures can be semi-automatically cre ated. On the other hand, the motion of trees according to the wind should be calculated to get more realistic presence in large animated forest scenes. If the number of primitives in a tree is large, per-frame dynamics calculation causes high computational costs, which prevents interactive ren dering. In this paper, we propose two acceleration tech niques for the speedup of tree animation and rendering. One is based on mainly using GPU, the other uses only CPU but with some LOD techniques. We also compare such two methods in several examples of trees and a forest scene.

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