Phan3D: A 3D Design Tool for Creation of Tomographic Phantoms

J.R. Bilbao-Castro, J.M. Carazo, I. García, and J.J. Fernández (Spain)


3D design tool, tomography, algorithm evaluation


3D design applications have become broad-available in all fields of science where creation, manipulation and analysis of volumetric data is of vital importance. Phan3D is a tool intended to facilitate the process of designing phantoms of biological specimens for their use in electron microscope tomography. The use of phantoms is central to objective comparison of tomographic reconstruction algorithms and to optimization of their parameters. Phan3D has been cre ated to substitute and improve the old-style hand-written text files which described virtual models. Phan3D allows a fully visual and interactive designing process which im proves productivity and reduces errors in creating models. Phan3D is part of the Xmipp package.

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