Facial Attribute Manipulation for Composite Systems and Computer Graphics Applications

S.J. Gibson, C.J. Solomon, M.I.S. Maylin, and A. Pallares Bejarano (UK)


Image Synthesis, Human/Computer Interaction, Mor phable Appearance Model, Facial Composites


The human face exhibits many subtle differences between individuals. In an attempt to quantify these differences we often use semantic labels or attributes. For instance a face may be described as being masculine, feminine, attractive or kind. Facial composite systems for criminal investi gations are a prime example of an application in which semantic labels can be used to describe faces. Here we present a morphable appearance model for manipulating facial attributes. The model is capable of producing faces that have no real counterpart in the real world but are com pletely plausible in appearance. Using this model, facial at tributes may be altered whilst retaining information about the identity of the face. We anticipate that this technique will be applicable to areas in computer graphics as well as facial composites.

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