Detecting and Tracking of Mesoscale Oceanic Features in the Miami Isopycnic Circulation Ocean Model

R. Balasubramanian, A. Tandon, B. John, and V. Sood (USA)


Scientific Visualization, Eddy Detection and Tracking, Physical Oceanography.


Using the available data from MICOM for the North Atlantic, in this paper we present methods developed to automatically detect, locate and track mesoscale eddies spatially and temporally. Using structuring elements based on velocity we detect eddy centers and use streamline plots to eliminate false positives. Additional visualization, based on the detected eddy centers provides information about the eddies temporally and spatially. The process of identifying and tracking oceanic eddies over space and time, and their relationship to the net poleward heat transport are of fundamental importance for Climate studies. Multiple visualizations resulting from this project will provide oceanographers an invaluable tool to assess mesoscale oceanic features.

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