A Low-cost System for High-speed Video Acquisition

A. Biancardi and P. Ghilardi (Italy)


Image processing, image acquisition, environmental sciences, sequence analysis.


High-speed video sequences are an invaluable tool in many experimental disciplines: they give access to details and analyses that cannot be carried out otherwise and provide researchers with fundamental measures. A low-cost acquisition system was made up using a progressive digital camera and other off-the-shelf components and integrating only open-source software around a GNU/Linux operating system. Acquired sequences are then analyzed manually or automatically using tools based on the open-source data-processing environment PACCO. The system is currently used to develop and validate reliable models for highly destructive debris flows. The dynamics involved in such models are characterized by small-to-medium-sized particles and high velocities; therefore only high-speed video can supply high resolutions both in spatial dimensions and in the temporal dimension

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