Design of HD 3DTV Video Multiplexer and Receiver

W. You, G.S. Lee, J. Lee, O.-H. Kwon, and S.I. Lee (Korea)


3DTV, Stereoscopic Video, 3DTV Multiplexer, 3DTV Receiver


In this paper, we present HD 3DTV Video Multiplexer and Receiver playing important roles in a high-definition three-dimensional television (HD 3DTV) broadcasting system. HD 3DTV Video Multiplexer uses side-by-side format to multiplex HD stereoscopic video frames into single HD video frame. HD 3DTV Receiver recovers the multiplexed video frame in the side-by-side format to HD stereoscopic video frames. To develop the systems, we propose an efficient scheme for synchronizing HD stereoscopic videos, the left and right images. We test the performance of the proposed systems by measuring objective image quality in terms of peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR). The experimental results show that the systems multiplex and recover HD stereoscopic videos with minor quality deterioration. By using the two systems, we can record, transmit, recover and display HD stereoscopic videos using single VTR and only one HDTV transmission path. The proposed systems are also compatible with the existing HDTV system.

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