RASTER: A JPEG 2000 Stereo Image CODEC

G. Rajkumar, M.Y. Nayan, and E.A. Edirisinghe (UK)


Stereo image compression, JPEG-2000, Rate scalability


With the increasing need of multimedia technologies, image compression requires higher performance as well as new functionality. To address this need in the specific area of still image coding, a new standard, JPEG-2000 has been designed and standardized [6]. JPEG-2000 provides additional functionality that its predecessors were not able to address efficiently or address at all. In this paper we attempt to extend the use of the technology provided by JPEG-2000 in solving many unresolved problems in stereo image coding. We show that it is possible to design a Rate Scalable Stereo image CODEC (RASTER), which has the unique ability of preserving the quality at binocular depth boundaries, an important requirement in the design of a stereo image CODEC. It is shown that RASTER provides PSNR gains of up to 3.7 dB at very low bit rates and provides reconstructed images of superior subjective image quality as compared to the direct transmitted images of equal bit rate.

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