A New Slow-motion Replay Extractor for Soccer Game Videos

E-J. Farn, L.-H. Chen, and J.-H. Liou (Taiwan)


Shot detection, repeating frame, inserted frame, gradualtransitions


In this paper, we will present a method to extract slow-motion replays in a soccer game video. According to our observation, a slow motion replay always happens as a single shot and appears between two gradual transitions. Based on this fact, a video will first be segmented into individual shots and only those shots appearing between two gradual transitions are considered as candidate shots. There are two kinds of slow-motion replays. One comes from a standard camera and consists of some repeating or inserted frames. The other is from a high-speed camera with larger variation between two consecutive frames. Based on these features, an extractor is then provided to check if a candidate shot is a slow motion replay. Some experimental results are given to show the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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