Coupling in Silico Biology with Image Processing: New Perspectives in In Vivo Tumour Growth and Response to Radiotherapy Simulation

D. Dionysiou, N. Mouravliansky, G.K. Stamatakos, N.K. Uzunoglu, and K.S. Nikita (Greece)


Tumour, Modeling, Simulation, Registration, Visualization, Interpolation


The purpose of this paper is to investigate the incorporation of well-established visualization and image processing techniques in in silico radiation oncology. Novel methods for the efficient modeling of in vivo tumour growth and response to irradiation are applied in combination with advanced visualization and image processing techniques. The involvement of visualization and image processing techniques can be located in three distinct phases: The phase of data acquisition and creation of an initial discretizing mesh, the phase of tumour growth or response to radiotherapy simulation, and the phase of the visualization of the simulation outcome.

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