A Hands Biometric Prototype based on Their Natural Layout

A. Adán, A. Vázquez, G. Bueno, and F. Molina (Spain)


Biometric Systems, Hand Geometry, Invariant Features,Image Processing, Similarity


This paper describes a new biometric system based on natural pose of the hands. Several significant differences with respect to other similar methods can be highlighted. Firstly, hand-pose training is not required in the registration process and secondly, besides typical geometric features, new invariant features arise when this strategy is carried out. So, we have defined a set of 70 geometrical features, original descriptors and patterns that characterize univocally the human hands. The experimentation performed with a set of 800 samples proves the capability of the system to be used for further works about identification and verification. The results obtained in an initial similarity test prove that this method has a promising future.

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