A Joint Detection Method based on the Hierarchy of a Contour Considering Its Curvature

M. Sakamoto, S. Kato, and H. Itoh (Japan)


Earthenware Reconstruction, Hierarchical Representationof Contour, Critical Level, Shape Similarity


This paper proposes an earthenware reconstruction system considering the hierarchy of a contour. In general, most of potsherds have complex, irregular, and weathering con tours because of rain, wind and so on. Reconstruction of earthenware is, therefore, attended with a lot of difficulties. In our previous work, a system which compares divided contour shape has been developed, but there are some prob lems, for the contours are just divided by salient points. In this paper, we discuss a hierarchy of a contour considering its curvature, and then, we propose a joint detection method utilizing the hierarchies. We have implemented the method into our earthenware reconstruction system, and we report good performance results for some weathered potsherds.

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