Relief Texture Fans

J. Timmermans (Belgium)


Rendering Algorithms & Systems, Surface Reconstruction, Image-Based Rendering


This paper presents a novel image-based model representation, building on several different ideas in image based rendering. We build a 3D fan of relief textures, rendering a blended set of those that are most appropriate to the current view to fill disocclusions. Additionally, we introduce several simple methods to accelerate and simplify the rendering. The result is an image-based representation that allows viewing of the modeled object from arbitrary angles using only a quite small set of relief textures, and no geometry beyond a fixed configuration of rectangular polygons in a fan. This image-based representation is simpler, requiring less setup and preprocessing, than other image-based representations with similar capabilities that have been proposed, without requiring modification of the relief texturing algorithm. The rendering performance of this technique, both in speed and quality, is comparable to existing techniques.

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