A Real-time Target Tracking Method based on Search and Updating of Reference Image

T. Hayashi, S. Enokida, and T. Ejima (Japan)


Computer vision, robot vision, target tracking, active update of reference of target


Recently, in the field of Computer Vision, the re search on "Looking at People" technique[1] has been very active. Currently, we are also pushing research on an LPS(Looking at People System) which is an attribute information conscious system. In addition, the research on autonomous robot has also been active. The technol ogy regarding the identification of a person by the sound or image has been introduced in such robots.Such technol ogy impresses robots with intellectual existence, and raises affinity with people. In light of this, interesting applications can be created by combining LPS technique and autonomous robots. That is, a basic system for initiating interaction between humans and robots can be realized by implementing a system which gazes at people as a robot's vision. We propose the simple search method(SSM), which is a target tracking technique applicable to an autonomous robot's vison, and show its validity.

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