Mediatory Visualization for Structured Data and Textual Information

C. Lee, J. Park, and J.C. Park (Korea)


graph visualization, text visualization, information extrac tion


When we visualize structured data for knowledge discov ery, it is important that the users have an easy access to the source textual information, especially when the map ping from the textual information to structured data is not perfect. In this paper, we present a new method for me diatory visualization for structured data and corresponding textual information to address this problem. The two di mensional space for visualizing structured data, such as the protein-protein interaction information collected from biomedical literature by information extraction, is linked perpendicularly to, but conceptually separated from, the pairwise one dimensional space for visualizing correspond ing source textual data. The users can concentrate on the information in one space but explore the information in the other space as easily as one may manipulate objects in a three dimensional space. We show that the one dimensional color-banded rods give visual clues and insights to the na ture of the underlying English sentence structures, which in turn give rise to useful feedback to the interaction infor mation in the other two dimensional space, and vice versa.

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