Implementation of Occlusion Culling in Avango™ Virtual Environment Framework

L. Nikitina, I. Nikitin (Germany), and S. Klimenko (Russia)


Rendering Techniques, Real Time Graphics, Virtual Reality, Visibility Test, Occlusion Culling


Real-time visibility test is an attractive feature for Virtual Environment (VE) applications where large datasets should be interactively explored. In such scenes most of the ob jects are usually occluded by other ones, and their omis sion from rendering can significantly accelerate the graph ical performance. In this paper we present our novel ap proach for occlusion culling and its implementation in VE system Avango [1]. Visibility test module performs real time update of the list of visible objects by means of color labeling and either hardware or software histogramming of corresponding color buffer. Exploiting the distribution ca pabilities of Avango, the main draw and visibility test pro cesses are parallelized to different computers running Irix or Linux. Being applied to an architectural model contain ing 260,000 textured triangles, our method accelerates the graphical performance from 8 to 32 stereoimages/sec.

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