PDA-based Visualization Control and Annotation Interface for Virtual Environment

N. Kukimoto, Y. Furusho, J. Nonaka, K. Koyamada, and M. Kanazawa (Japan)


Visualization Control, Virtual Environment,PDA, Drawing


Virtual Reality (VR) system can be a useful tool to support visualization tasks. However, the current available input devices for VR limit the control and navigation within the Virtual Environment (VE). To overcome this problem, we designed a user interface by using Personal Digital As sistants (PDA) for scientific visualization purposes. Through this system, it is possible to change visualization param eters, put marks, or write a memorandum within the VE. We can use the VE for recording memoranda by using the PDA as a writing utensil or by drawing on the PDA touch screen for after-placement into the VE. The main advantage of this method is that it supports the use of any language, because the characters are drawn avoiding the necessity of typing. We evaluated both kind of drawing tasks and verified that the first method is suitable for drawing figures and the sec ond one is useful for drawing characters within a VE.

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