Experiences with MotionStar, WorldToolKit and Maya

M. Dontschewa, R. Bolter, P. Roux (Austria), M. Marinov (Bulgaria), and K.-H. Weidmann (Au


Virtual Reality, Manipulation of Virtual Objects, HumanFigure Aniamtion


We report about experiences in virtual reality research with main emphases: using sensors from a motion capturing system to control a visualization based on the WorldToolKit; connection of 3D glasses and head mounted displays with the WorldToolKit; setting up of a round projection wall for real size stereo presentations; linking of the motion capturing system sensors to the professional computer animation system Maya; morphological movement examination of jointed figures on the base of the motion capturing system. Our approach uses the motion capturing system not only for the recording of movements but also to add interactivity to applications, e.g. camera views for real size projections are controlled by motion capturing sensors as well as virtual cameras for other applications using head mounted displays (HMDs), objects in animated 3-d worlds are guided by these sensors, too. All these applications are combined with 3-d display possibilities. After a short description of our equipment we present first scenarios and results from this motion capturing project.

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