A Low-cost Arthroscopy Surgery Training System

S. Bayona, J. Espadero, L. Pastor, and J.M. Fernandez-Arroyo (Spain)


Visualization and HMI, Training Systems, Arthroscopy,Virtual Reality, Surgery, Minimal Invasive Surgery


Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS) techniques have been be coming more and more frequent during the last years. These techniques offer important advantages, such as de creasing patient trauma and reducing costs, but they also have an important drawback: they are complex procedures, difficult to master. Current learning methods are expensive, involve many problems and are not as realistic as it would be desirable. Different aspects are involved in creating vir tual reality (VR) simulators which provides realistic feed back for practicing surgeons; these aspects make designing simulators hard, requiring also sophisticated and expensive hardware. This paper presents a low-cost Arthroscopy Train ing System that provides a realistic environment in which practitioners can develop hand-eye coordination dexteri ties, one of the key features when starting learning MIS techniques. Another extremely useful characteristic is that the simulator can load real patient data, letting the trainee get acquainted and practice with different pathologies.

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