A Virtual Reality System to Enhance Precision of DEMs

V. Teichrieb and J. Kelner (Brazil)


Virtual Reality, Human/Computer Interaction, Geosciences


In order to enhance accuracy and precision of remote sensing data, namely DEMs, errors produced during the collection of raw data and their processing have to be identified and removed. This can be achieved using desktop VR interfaces associated with analysis and editing methods. In this paper we introduce a VR system, called DEMEditor, which implements this new proposed methodology. It is part of a research work that tackles the subject of removing elevation errors in DEMs through visual interpretation of terrain data, taking advantage of the knowledge of expert users; data quality control supported by sophisticated analysis techniques, and error removal through well-known editing methods are also topics approached by this work. Relevant implementation issues taken into account for the development of the VR system are described in great details. The DEMEditor has been used with real-world datasets to verify its applicability to solving the proposed problem. We present in this paper the results obtained during the process of visualizing, manipulating and editing a DEM.

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