Physically-based Simulation of Color Phenomena in Homogenous Gemstones

Q. Wang and Y. Sun (USA)


: Homogeneous gemstones, volume absorption, light dispersion, spectral model, ray tracing.


Beautiful gemstone colors are caused by essential optical effects including Fresnel reflection, volume absorption and light dispersion. This paper presents a physically based simulation of these effects in homogeneous gemstones. Our approach is based on a composite spectral representation that decomposes any spectrum into a smooth component and spikes. In this spectral model, Fresnel law and volume absorption can be handled conveniently in the smooth spectral component, and monochromatic light related to dispersion can be modeled using a spectral spike. Based on this idea, we develop a spectral rendering algorithm that extends the conventional RGB-based ray tracer. The rendered images successfully show the characteristic color phenomena of gemstones.

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