Geometric Calibration of Digital Cameras. Part II: Internal and External Geometry from Multi-view Alignment

L. Lucchese (USA)


Camera calibration, pinhole camera, lens distortion, internal and external parameters, perspective projection, pixel aspect ratio.


This paper presents an algorithm for estimating the inter nal and external geometry of a digital camera by aligning a set of different views of a calibration plate with a con venient virtual image. The task is formulated as a nonlin ear optimization problem where an appropriate cost func tion has to be minimized; the views are first prealigned with the reference image by means of the algorithm of Part I. This initialization together with the closed-form computation of the gradient of the cost function allows the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm employed to solve the nonlinear least-squares problem to rapidly converge to the optimal solution. The performance of this calibration algo rithm is tested with a set of real images and discussed in the paper. Also, its accuracy is assessed by means of synthetic versions of the real images generated with the estimated parameters.

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