Volumetric Approach to Photorealistic 3D Object Reconstruction

R. Adipranata, H.-K. Yang, and T.-S. Yun (Korea)


Voxel coloring, Image based rendering, 3D reconstruction


In this paper, we implemented the voxel coloring method to reconstruct 3D object from synthetic input images. Then compare the result between using standard voxel coloring and using coarse-to-fine method. We compared using different voxel space size to see the difference of time processing and the result of 3D object. Photorealistic 3D object reconstruction is a challenging problem in computer graphics. Voxel coloring considered the reconstruction problem as a color reconstruction problem, instead of shape reconstruction problem. This method works by discretizing scene space into voxels, then traversed and colored those in special order. Also, there is an extension of voxel coloring method for decreasing the amount of processing time called coarse-to-fine method. This method works using low resolution instead of high resolution as input and after processing finish, apply some kind of search strategy.

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