Fuzzy-Logical Implementation of Co-occurrence Rules for Combining AUS

A. Wojdeł, L.J.M. Rothkrantz, and J.C. Wojdeł (Netherlands)


Facial animation, FACS, A.I. based animation, fuzzy logic


In this paper we present how to implement the co occurrence rules defined by psychologist Paul Ekman in a computer animated face. The rules describe the depen dencies between the atomic observable movements of the human face (so called Action Units). They are defined in a form suitable for a human observer who needs to pro duce a consistent binary scoring of visible occurrences on the human face. They are not directly applicable to au tomated animation systems that must deal with facial ge ometry, smooth changes in the occurrences intensities etc. In order to be able to utilize the knowledge about human faces which is present in the work of Ekman, we chose a fuzzy logical approach by defining the co-occurrence rules as specific fuzzy-logical operators.

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