Automatic Face Morphing for Transferring Facial Animation

T.D. Bui, M. Poel, D. Heylen, and A. Nijholt (Netherlands)


Facial Animation, Geometric Modelling, Radial BasisFunctions, Genetic Algorithms


In this paper, we introduce a novel method of automatically finding the training set of RBF networks for morphing a prototype face to represent a new face. This is done by au tomatically specifying and adjusting corresponding feature points on a target face. The RBF networks are then used to transfer the muscles on the prototype face to the mor phed face. The automatic adjusting of the feature points on the target face is done by Genetic Algorithms. The fitness function used in the GA expresses the difference between the surface of the morphed face and the target face. We also present an algorithm to calculate this function fast.

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