A New Bit-level Network Simulator in Java

G. Zeng and Y.-C. Hsu (USA)


Network Simulator, Packet-Level Simulator, Bit-LevelSimulator, Network Editor, and CSMA/CD.


As computer networks and Internet grow rapidly today, understanding and analyzing the network behavior especially in local area network are becoming important tasks for many network researchers to improve the network performance and to develop a new protocol or algorithms to meet new requirements, such as QoS (Quality of Service), Network Management, Network Security, and Voice Network etc. [1]. The JavaNetSim proposed in this paper is a graphical Ethernet Local Area Network editor and simulator coded in Java programming language. It is a network visualization tool that provides graphic network animation at bit level to allow network designers to visually identify patterns in communication, better understanding network packet exchanges, easily characterizing dynamic interactions within nodes' competing for the communication channel, automatically calculating network performance, and scenario editing capabilities. The abstract classes and methods that are built in JavaNetSim for Nodes, Network Interface Cards (NICs), Links, and Packets provide a framework to develop new network behaviors, design new protocol, and make debugging easier.

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