Image Placement Creation of Eye Contact Videoconferencing System

T. Lertrusdachakul, A. Taguchi, T. Aoki, and H. Yasuda (Japan)


CSCW, groupware, multiparty, videoconference, eye contact


In this paper, we proposed an alternative image placement design for supporting eye contact in a multiparty videoconferencing system based on one camera. This approach presented the various image arrangements to accomplish a sense of eye contact according to the head orientation. The images of all remote sites will be arranged systematically and be placed at the position that can establish eye contact when they are talking at each other. The concept is to find the relation between face's turning direction and image position on the display that can serve a sense of eye contact for each participant. The experimental results proved the merits of proposed idea to improve a sense of reality in multiparty videoconferencing system.

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