Use of a Spherical Menu for Mobile Augmented Reality Applications

C. Faisstnauer and K. Chihara (Japan)


: 3D Menu, Mobile Augmented Reality, Outdoor Applications, 2D Input Devices, Spherical Menu, Interaction.


Recent research done on Augmented Reality (AR) interfaces mainly concentrates on complex hand-based or tool-based interfaces, intended to provide sophisticated interaction and navigation metaphors to the user. However, the hardware of these interfaces is often cumbersome, fragile, and puts restrictions on the mobility of the system. We present a 3D menu based on spherical menu layers; this spherical menu is a suitable interface for AR applications that can be controlled by symbolic interaction. For such systems, hand-based or tool-based interfaces are often unnecessarily complex. The spherical menu can be operated by simple 2D input devices and is thus a valid solution for situations in which more complex hardware cannot be employed, for rapid prototyping and testing of mobile AR applications, or as emergency fallback. As the spherical menu can be managed like a normal 3D object, it is not a 2D menu displayed in a 3D environment, but rather a true 3D counterpart to the classical 2D desktop menu. It can be seamlessly integrated into 3D environments, and be operated by direct manipulation as well (i.e., using a hand-based interface).

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