Geometric Refinement Algorithms in Collision-based Electric Sculpting

X.D. Yang and C. Li (Canada)


Geometric modeling, deformation techniques, collisionmethods, mesh refinement.


Complex free-form 3D objects can be created either by digitizing a real world object, or directly on a computer using a CAD tool. Micro operations of the traditional 3D surface modeling tools often require specification and manipulation of individual vertex points, thus extremely tedious and sometimes even impractical. Our group has developed an interactive, collision-based electronic sculpting system for efficient free-form surface modeling, called the e-Sculptor. It operates in a manner emulating the real world process of clay sculpting. When a rigid "tool" is pushed against a piece of plastically deformable "clay", the "clay's" shape is changed at the local collision site. This paper focuses on three geometric refinement algorithms involved in collision detection and deformation operations. It provides a systematic handling of a variety of situations encountered in the refinement process, and produces significantly improved results, particularly at the boundaries of collision regions.

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