3D Hair Modeling based on CT Data and Photographs

Y. Iwasaki, T. Kaneko, and S. Kuriyama (Japan)


Hair Modeling, Bezier Curve, Texture Mapping, 3D Sculpturing


Hair plays an important role in recognizing a person, for instance, in an application of facial surgery simulation. This paper is concerned with a method for constructing a 3D hair model from photographs and a 3D head model de rived from CT data that do not contain hair. Our objective is to investigate a method with a small number of photographs as low as three, the minimum number. Since we employ a sculpture technique for hair mod eling, the resulting hair shape is more angular or rugged as the number is reduced. We propose here a new smoothing scheme based upon Bezier curves. We investigated three alternatives: use of seven, five, and three photographs. It was found that a satisfactory result is obtainable with five photographs. With three photographs, small difference be tween the actual and the resulting model existed, although it may be tolerable for some applications.

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