Three-dimensional Rendering of Fractal Clouds

J. Takenouchi and S. Wada (Japan)


Modeling of Natural Phenomena,Rendering of Clouds, Fractal, Cellular Automata


In this paper, a three-dimensional (3D) rendering method for fractal cloud animation is proposed. First, the cycle of clouds is modeled with transition rules by cellular automata so that the complicated phase and dynamics of clouds can be simply expressed. Next, 3D fractal clouds are generated with cell frame image in the rendering process. Various conditions of fractal clouds are generated to be combined in realistic volume rendering process. Further, lighting effect on the fractal clouds is introduced to the layer structure of image. The layer images are mutually related to produce the 3D realistic volume and motion. In the simulations, realistic 3D cloud scene is generated to show the effectiveness of rendering of fractal clouds. It is shown that realistic expression of cloud animation is realized with small computation, and the detail of clouds can be controlled by selecting appropriate parameters.

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