Robust Voxelization based Ray Tracing of Implicit Surfaces

L. Yongsheng (Singapore) and N. Stolte (France)


ray tracing, implicit surface, robust voxelization, octree,BSP, interval arithmetic, inclusion function, antialiasing,Gaussian quadrature


A new and more reliable approach to ray tracing implicit surfaces based on robust voxelization is presented in this paper. An octree is used to store voxels hierarchically, and a novel BSP octant ordering technique is used to recursively traverse rays through the octree to find the nearest intersec tion point. The main novelty introduced here is the absence of explicit intersection calculations. The major advantages of this approach are: a) guaranteed steady convergence of intersection estimations as opposed to Newton-Raphson or regula falsi methods; b) with no explicit intersection calcu lation, ray tracing becomes simpler and more robust. The ray traversal is done on the fly far beyond the octree reso lution, with a precision that is only limited by the floating point representation. A new antialiasing technique with in creasing samples according to the highest number of reflec tion levels to enhance reflections quality is also presented.

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