A Streaming-based Technique for Volume Rendering of Large Datasets

Y. Watashiba, J. Nonaka, N. Sakamoto, Y. Ebara, K. Koyamada, and M. Kanazawa (Japan)


Volume Rendering, 3D Texture, Iso-distance Surface, DataStreaming


We present a streaming-based technique of volume rendering which breaks a large volume data into pieces (sub-volumes) so as to maintain volume rendering processing in physical memory in consideration of the available system resources. Each sub-volume is transferred to a rendering PC, which performs hardware accelerated volume rendering and generates a partial image (sub image). The sub-images are piled up in depth order to complete the final image. In the rendering PC, we have used general-purpose consumer PC graphics cards (Geforce4) to our system as a low cost solution for large scale volume rendering. Furthermore, in order to improve the rendering quality, we use not a plane slice sampling but an iso-distance surface slice sampling. This technique has been applied to remote visualization of 3-D finite element analysis result of 3-D flow through a lateral saccular aneurysm, and its effectiveness is confirmed.

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