Real-time 3D Surface Measurement

K. Raghu, G. Brooksby, and P. Tu (India)


: 3D reconstruction, stereo imaging, feature detection, sub-pixel accuracy, real-time.


: This work relates to a method for generating three dimensional shape information with micron level accuracy for surface inspection technology using two dimensional images. In this paper, we propose a novel approach to detect unique points (fold points) from laser lined imagery with sub-pixel accuracy. The proposed approach is real-time in detecting the fold points and also helps in accelerating other process, in 3D surface reconstruction and measurement. Algorithms developed as a part of this work is robust to background noise, which is one of the important factor effecting the accuracy of reconstruction. To accelerate the detection process, we efficiently separate the crucial data from the source image and perform the detection on the reduce data, thus eliminating unwanted computation. We also propose a parallel approach using dedicated hardware and multithreading on Dual or Quad processor computers for real-time fold detection to accelerate the measurement process.

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