A Novel Method for 3D Surface Mesh Segmentation

T. Srinark and C. Kambhamettu (USA)


geometric algorithm, surface segmentation, geodesic dis tance


We propose a novel method for the problem of 3D surface mesh segmentation. This mesh segmentation method is based on differential geometry and geodesic distance infor mation. In our algorithm, vertices of the same group of sur face types are allowed to join a segment. The geodesic dis tance is estimated using shortest path between connected vertices, which can be computed from well known algo rithms such as the Dijkstra algorithm. However, this is inefficient for large meshes. Therefore, in our algorithm, instead of applying the shortest path algorithm to the en tire mesh, we locally apply it to mesh partitions so that we can avoid large computational costs. We tested our method with 3D surface meshes of synthetic objects and molecular structures.

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