SCTR: An Approach to Digitizing Well-logging Graph

C. Li (Australia), Q. Song, M. Wang (PRC), and C. Zhang (Australia)


Curve digitizing, Well-logging graph, Image processing, Line adjacency graph, Image compressing


The curves on well-logging parameter graph are very important because they imply very useful information of crude oil and natural gas reservoirs. But most of well logging parameter graphs were drawn on the paper before computers were widely used in oilfield. For permanently keeping and efficiently using the data implied in those curves, the well-logging parameter graphs must be digitized and stored in computers first. According to the characteristics of well-logging parameter graphs, we contribute a SCTR (Scanning, Compressing, Tracing, and Rectifying) approach to digitizing well-logging curves. We employed Line Adjacency Graph (LAG) data structure to develop the image-compressing algorithm, which compresses image file with great efficiency. The digitizing algorithms based on centimeter grid of coordinates are proposed. They not only digitize the well logging parameter graph, but also rectify perfectly the distortion of the original well-logging parameter graph. The experimental results show that the SCTR approach in the system works effectively.

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