Wavelet Coding for Polygonal Mesh Data with Triangular Lattice Structuring

Y. Saito, T. Ueda, K. Fukuda, and A. Kawanaka (Japan)


geometry compression, 2-D structuring, wavelet coding, VRML


Recently, the polygonal mesh model has been widely used for representing a 3-D object model. Efficient representations have attracted a good deal of attention for the transmission and for storage of computer graphics data, for interactive design in manufacturing, and network games. In this paper, we describe a triangular lattice structure method for 3-D polygonal mesh data, and we apply 2-D signal compression techiques such as Shape-Adaptive Wavelet Transform (SAWT) and Space Frequency Quantization (SFQ) to the structured geometry and property data. For the structuring of the polygonal mesh data we introduce expanded nodes on a triangular lattice plane, and assign the vertices constituting the polygonal mesh to triangular lattice points. The experimental results show that the proposed method gives better coding performance than the Topologically Assisted Geometry Compression scheme, which has been adopted in MPEG-4.

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